Target your environment

In this step, you'll configure kubectl to point to your cluster going forward. kubectl is a command line tool that you use to interact with a Kubernetes cluster.

  1. Target the resource group you have been assigned to:
    ibmcloud target -g think-iks --cf
  2. Retrieve the cluster configuration. Replace <CLUSTER_NAME> with the cluster assigned to you:
    ibmcloud ks cluster-config <CLUSTER_NAME>
    ibmcloud ks cluster-config <CLUSTER_NAME>
  3. Copy and paste the displayed set command to set the KUBECONFIG environment variable as directed. To verify whether the KUBECONFIG environment variable is set properly or not, run the following command: echo %KUBECONFIG%
  4. Check that the kubectl command is correctly configured

    kubectl cluster-info

    The output should look like:

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