Use IBM ingress domain

In the previous step, the application was accessed with a not standard port. The service was exposed by way of Kubernetes NodePort feature.

Paid clusters come with an IBM-provided domain. This gives you a better option to expose applications with a proper URL and on standard HTTP/S ports.

Using the Kubernetes Ingress, you can set up the cluster inbound connection to the service: Ingress

  1. Identify your IBM-provided Ingress domain. Replace <CLUSTER_NAME> with the cluster assigned to you:
    ibmcloud ks cluster-get <CLUSTER_NAME>
    ibmcloud ks cluster-get <CLUSTER_NAME>
    to find
    Ingress subdomain:
    Ingress secret:    mycluster
  2. Create an Ingress file ingress-ibmdomain.yml pointing to your domain with support for HTTP and HTTPS. Use the following file as a template, replacing all the values wrapped in <> with the appropriate values from the above output. service-name is the name under ==> v1/Service in the above step or run kubectl get svc to find the service name of type NodePort.
    apiVersion: extensions/v1beta1
    kind: Ingress
      name: ingress-for-ibmdomain-http-and-https
      - hosts:
        -  <nameofproject>.<ingress-sub-domain>
        secretName: <ingress-secret>
      - host: <nameofproject>.<ingress-sub-domain>
          - path: /
              serviceName: <service-name>
              servicePort: 9080
  3. Deploy the Ingress
    kubectl apply -f ingress-ibmdomain.yml
  4. Access your application at https://<nameofproject>.<ingress-sub-domain>

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