IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service delivers powerful tools by combining Docker containers, the Kubernetes technology, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security and isolation to automate the deployment, operation, scaling, and monitoring of containerized apps in a cluster of compute hosts.

For this tutorial, a Kubernetes cluster has been pre-created and assigned to you. This cluster is a paid standard cluster with one worker node and come with the following characteristics:

  • In-cluster networking
  • Public network app access by a NodePort service to a non-stable IP address
  • User access management
  • IBM Cloud service access from the cluster and apps
  • Disk space on worker node for non-persistent storage
  • Ability to create cluster in every Kubernetes Service region
  • Multizone clusters to increase app high availability
  • Replicated masters for higher availability (Kubernetes 1.10 or later)
  • Scalable number of worker nodes to increase capacity
  • Persistent NFS file-based storage with volumes
  • Public or private network app access by a load balancer service to a stable IP address
  • Public network app access by an Ingress service to a stable IP address and customizable URL
  • Portable public IP addresses
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Option to provision your worker nodes on physical (bare metal) servers
  • Option to provision bare metal workers with Trusted Compute

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