Provides a volume resource. This allows volume to be created, updated, and cancelled in the Power Virtual Server Cloud.

Example Usage

In the following example, you can create a volume:

resource "ibm_pi_volume" "testacc_volume"{
  pi_volume_size       = 20
  pi_volume_name       = test-volume
  pi_volume_type       = ssd
  pi_volume_shareable  = true
  pi_cloud_instance_id = "<value of the cloud_instance_id>"


ibm_pi_volume provides the following timeouts configuration options:

  • create - (Default 60 minutes) Used for Creating Volume.
  • delete - (Default 60 minutes) Used for Deleting Volume.

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • pi_volume_size - (Required, int) The size for this volume.
  • pi_volume_name - (Required, string) The name of this volume.
  • pi_volume_type - (Required, string) The volume type - Only two values are supported (ssd/standard).
  • pi_volume_shareable - (Required, boolean) If the volume can be shared or not (true/false).
  • pi_cloud_instance_id - (Required, string) The cloud_instance_id for this account.

Attribute Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The unique identifier of the volume.
  • status - The status of the volume.