Provide a resource to associate a VLAN with a network gateway. The VLANs can be disassociated or updated later to be bypassed or routed.

For additional details, see the IBM Cloud Classic Infrastructure (SoftLayer) API docs.

For more information about getting started, see the IBM Virtual Router Appliance docs.

Example Usage

resource "ibm_network_gateway" "gateway" {
  name = "gateway"

  members {
    hostname             = "my-virtual-router"
    domain               = ""
    datacenter           = "ams01"
    network_speed        = 100
    private_network_only = false
    tcp_monitoring       = true
    process_key_name     = "INTEL_SINGLE_XEON_1270_3_40_2"
    os_key_name          = "OS_VYATTA_5600_5_X_UP_TO_1GBPS_SUBSCRIPTION_EDITION_64_BIT"
    redundant_network    = false
    disk_key_names       = ["HARD_DRIVE_2_00TB_SATA_II"]
    public_bandwidth     = 20000
    memory               = 4
    ipv6_enabled         = true

resource "ibm_network_gateway_vlan_association" "gateway_vlan_association" {
  gateway_id      = "${}"
  network_vlan_id = 645086

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • gateway_id - (Required, integer) The ID of the network gateway.
  • network_vlan_id - (Required, integer) The ID of the network VLAN to associate with the network gateway.
  • bypass - (Optional, boolean) Indicates if the VLAN should be in bypass or routed mode. Default value: true.

Attribute Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The unique identifier of the gateway/VLAN association.