Provides an Multi-Vlan Firewall Resource.

For additional details, see the IBM Cloud (SoftLayer) multivlan firewall Request docs

Example Usage

In the following example, you can create a multi-vlan firewall:

resource "ibm_multi_vlan_firewall" "firewall_first" {
    datacenter = "dal13"
    pod = "pod01"
    name = "Checkdelete1"
    firewall_type = "FortiGate Security Appliance"
    addon_configuration = ["FortiGate Security Appliance - Web Filtering Add-on (High Availability)","FortiGate Security Appliance - NGFW Add-on (High Availability)","FortiGate Security Appliance - AV Add-on (High Availability)"]

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • datacenter - (Required, string) The data center in which the firewall appliance resides.
  • pod - (Required, string) The pod in which the firewall resides
  • name - (Required, string) The name of the firewall device
  • firewall_type - (Required, string) The type of the firewall device. Allowed values are:- FortiGate Security Appliance,FortiGate Firewall Appliance HA Option
  • addon_configuration - (Required, list) The list of addons that are allowed. Allowed values:- [“FortiGate Security Appliance - Web Filtering Add-on (High Availability)”,“FortiGate Security Appliance - NGFW Add-on (High Availability)”,“FortiGate Security Appliance - AV Add-on (High Availability)”] or [“FortiGate Security Appliance - Web Filtering Add-on”,“FortiGate Security Appliance - NGFW Add-on”,“FortiGate Security Appliance - AV Add-on”]

Attribute Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The unique identifier of the Multi-Vlan firewall
  • public_vlan_id - The id of the Public Vlan for accessing this gateway
  • private_vlan_id - The id of the Private Vlan for accessing this gateway
  • public_ip - The public gateway IP address.
  • public_ipv6 - The public gateway IPv6 address.
  • private_ip - The private gateway IP address.
  • username - The username used to login into the device
  • password - The password used to login into the device