Provides a vpc route resource. This allows vpc route to be created, updated, and cancelled.

Example Usage

resource "ibm_is_vpc" "testacc_vpc" {
  name = "testvpc"

resource "ibm_is_vpc_route" "testacc_vpc_route" {
  name        = "routetest"
  vpc         = "${}"
  zone        = "us-south-1"
  destination = ""
  next_hop    = ""

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - (Required, string) The route name.
  • vpc - (Required, string) The vpc id.
  • zone - (Required, string) Name of the zone.
  • destination - (Required, string) The destination of the route.
  • next_hop - (Required, string) The next hop of the route.

Attribute Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The id of the route. The id is composed of <vpc_id>/<vpc_route_id>
  • status - The status of the VPC Route.


ibm_is_vpc_route can be imported using VPC ID and VPC Route ID, eg

$ terraform import ibm_is_vpc_route.example 56738c92-4631-4eb5-8938-8af9211a6ea4/fc2667e0-9e6f-4993-a0fd-cabab477c4d1