Create, update or delete a application load balancer.

Example Usage

In the following example, you can configure a alb:

resource ibm_container_alb alb {
  alb_id = "public-cr083d810e501d4c73b42184eab5a7ad56-alb"
  enable = true


ibm_container_alb provides the following Timeouts configuration options:

  • create - (Default 5 minutes) Used for creating Instance.

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • alb_id - (Required, string) The ALB ID.
  • enable - (Optional, bool) Enable an ALB for the cluster.
  • disable_deployment - (Optional, bool) Disable the ALB deployment only. If provided, the ALB deployment is deleted but the IBM-provided Ingress subdomain remains. Note - Must include either ‘enable’ or 'disable_deployment’ in the configuration, but must not include both.
  • user_ip - (Optional,string) For a private ALB only. The private ALB is deployed with an IP address from a user-provided private subnet. If no IP address is provided, the ALB is deployed with a random IP address from a private subnet in the IBM Cloud account.
  • region - (Optional, string) The region of ALB.

Attribute Reference

The following attributes are exported:

  • id - The ALB ID.
  • alb_type - The ALB type.
  • cluster - The name of the cluster.
  • name - The name of the ALB.