COSClient Class

ibmcloudsql.cos provides 3 classes

Parsed URL

ParsedUrl provides the APIs to parse a COS URL.

Project Lib

ProjectLib class maintains a reference to an object in IBM Watson Studio’s ProjectLib that can read a file stored as an asset and load them into the current notebook.

This file can be used in a number of scenarios, such as:

  1. Store/reload progress information

  2. Load external Python packages

  3. Store/reload data files

Example: When SQLQuery launches many jobs, there is a chance that the progress is stopped, and you don’t want to restart from the beginning. The above setting enables the SQLQuery to skip the completed sql queries. The file_name argument is a reference to the name of the file that you can use for saving and restoring the job progress.

from project_lib import Project
project = Project(project_id=your_project_id,

# default file extension: json
file_name = "aiops"
sqlClient.connect_project_lib(project, file_name)

COS Client

COSClient is also an IBMCloudAccess and a ParsedUrl.

COSClient class further provides the following APIs: